Michael Kenny


Michael has acquired a diverse range of skills and life experience over many years, ranging from employment within the horticultural and agricultural sectors, to subsequent work in the community services sector.

Experience in counselling, advocacy, managing offending behaviours and providing alcohol and other drug support is accompanied by additional experience in academic research and evaluation.

Having completed studies in social welfare, media and communications and subsequently, post-graduate criminology and corrections, Michael has gained considerable experience in undertaking research, applying this to the community development and practice sector. This includes using qualitative and quantitative research techniques to design and undertake studies into the needs of young people, families and communities, with a particular focus upon community development and engagement, safety and the application of prosocial strategies and practices that address social and individual disadvantage.

Utilising experience working with a diverse range of individuals and groups, counselling and intervention skills demonstrate a commitment to positive community and individual development, drawing upon evidence-based theory and practice and professional research skills. With significant experience and practice in written and verbal communication, report writing, research and publishing, Michael offers a genuine, ethically informed, and practical understanding of social policy, community and interpersonal issues that may be applied to needs within the community sector and beyond.

Michael was born in Gippsland and has worked much of his life in the area. Michael currently lives in Sale and is actively engaged with local social enterprise Bond Street Events Centre, as well as Segue Neighbourhood House in Stratford.

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