About Us

Elbow was founded by Sam Forbes as a small, local, agile and high quality community building business in Gippsland.

The purpose of Elbow is to create connections between people, communities, government, the environment, and good ideas to promote wellbeing.

Why Elbow Community?

Community building is all about connecting people and ideas together. More than that though, community building is about getting stuff done, it’s about more than strategies, meetings and paperwork. Done well, community building has to be practical – where it requires some elbow grease!

Sam’s passion is to look at the questions confronting our society, research them, get out there and talk to the relevant people, and then start to piece together a plan for local action that strengthens and empowers the community.

Our Team

Sam Forbes


Michael Kenny


What's your question?

We help government, not-for-profits, philanthropy and businesses to take local action on the big questions